Our Personalities



Zoom’s music reminds of the best of times and to carry out this core principle are a small group of DJs.

‘Brother B’ Williams anchors the Morning Pulse from 6am until 10am, opening each day of the work week with the many songs that are the memories of our lives.

Our lead Sales Executive Diona Wray provides the mood for your mid morning. Her music is more than a background presence to lunch time activity, but carefully selected for enjoyment and quiet feet tapping.

On Saturdays, our regular programme switches fully to Antigua and Caribbean music without losing touch with our core philosophy to keep it vintage. There is no other DJ in Antigua that could achieve that for us than DJ Undercover. He presents Caribbean Explosion from 12 noon to 6pm.

Maxie T is our night time guy. A good portion of his life was spent in the US, where he got to see many of the biggest music stars of the 70’s performing live. The appreciation lives with him and he brings it to Zoom.

Zoom Radio caters to the aficionados of jazz and pan. Alexis Edwards’  Pan Expressions  on Sundays from 6pm-9pm and Jazz Fusion on Tuesdays from 9pm until 11pm, add to the uniqueness of Zoom’s music format, distinguishing it as real adult listening.

Ian Lake has been on a musical excursion all his life.  Musical Excursion is the name of his programme and as it suggests it recounts times past and passions in music from London, where he was born, to the Caribbean where he will expose a diversity in music right here on Zoom.